Welcome to the official website of the Ohio Scholars’ Association.

The Ohio Scholars’ Association is a student-led honor organization that grew out of the students’ desire to be more involved in a more affordable scholars’ program and to have agency over its operation. Schools can start their own affiliate of OSA by paying an annual fee of just $50. For students to become members of OSA, they must fit into the higher standards that OSA requires: namely, maintaining a 3.3 or greater GPA, performing 25 hours or more of community service, and expressing leadership skills in their academic or extra-curricular career. Members of OSA are determined to showcase four main traits: academic excellence, community involvement, student involvement, and integrity.

Our History

Ohio Scholars’ Association was established with the goal to create a more affordable honor association for distinguished students to take part in, while also creating a higher standard for the students in regards to GPA and community service hours. In the spring of 2015, members of the class of 2016 at Centerburg High School, alongside advisor Karen Allen, conducted a survey of surrounding schools to solicit interest in the creation of a new honor organization. In the following months, the groundwork was laid for what would become the Ohio Scholars’ Association. The inaugural board of directors is headed by Zachary DiMarco, an associate attorney of Mount Vernon who also aided OSA in becoming a legal entity. Joining Centerburg High School as members of OSA are Gilead Christian High School and Plymouth High School.