Member Traits

Academic Excellence

In order to qualify for membership with OSA, a student must first achieve a minimum high school (grades 9-12) cumulative 3.3 GPA (weighted or unweighted as determined by each individual chapter).  Students must also exemplify high levels of leadership and involvement within the classroom.

Community Involvement

The student demonstrates a positive attitude toward serving others.  This is exemplified by active involvement in both school and community activities that benefit people other than the student himself/herself.


The student demonstrates high ethical standards in all areas of life.  This includes but is not limited to the following characteristics:

  •         Solid character
  •         Dependability
  •         Reliability
  •         Honesty (both academically and personally)
  •         Respect for others
  •         Cooperation
  •         Responsibility

Student Involvement

In addition to academic leadership, the student also holds other positions of responsibility.  In these positions, the student is faithful, conscientious, hard-working and self-motivated.


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